6 Tips To Wake Up Slimmer

Feel Slimmer After Slumber

For those wanting to shed a few pounds, they can dream of the day they wake up feeling slimmer than the day before. While overnight miracles are a rarity (except for the tooth fairy and Santa, of course) there are ways to make this dream a reality. Follow these 10 tips to help you wake up slimmer after your slumber.

Avoid Late Night Nibbles

Eating late at night should be avoided if you’re after a flat tum the following morning. Studies have shown that eating late at night can cause weight gain as the body clock is disrupted. One US study found that mice that ate throughout the day and night had 70 per cent more fatty deposits than the mice who only ate at set times. Not only that, giving your digestive organs more to process when they should be having a break can lead to bloating and the feeling of waking up with a full stomach. Do yourself a favour and enjoy your evening meal at least two hours prior to going to bed to wake up feeling lighter.

Choose Slimming Foods

It is not only when you eat that can affect how slim you feel the next day, but also what you eat. Enjoying a light and easily-digestible dish for your evening meal as opposed to rich or stodgy foods could go a long way in helping you achieve slenderness overnight. Avoid complex carbohydrates and red meat, particularly steak, as well as fatty foods, as these are notoriously harder for the body to digest. Opt instead for simple and plain foods such as salmon and chicken, spinach, sweet potato, melon and probiotic yogurt, and keep the portion size under control too if you want to wake up slim.

Evening Exercise

A half hour session of exercise can do the world of good in countless ways; it can lift your mood thanks to the release of endorphins, clear you mind of stress and, most importantly, boost your chance of waking up slimmer. Psychologically, exercise makes you feel fitter and slimmer which can give you the confidence boost you need when it comes to your body shape. But more importantly, exercise can improve digestion as it boosts blood flow, leaving you bloat-free and feeling slimmer the following morning.

Television Tummy Time

While you’re indulging in your evening TV ritual, make more use of this ‘me time’ by incorporating some stomach exercises. For many, the stomach is the key area that dictates how slim they feel, so focusing on this part of the body could be the difference between feeling flab or fab. On a carpeted floor or exercise mat, do some basic stomach toning exercise such as the plank, sit-ups or crunches. This little abdominal boost, although short and sweet, may help you feel that little bit more nipped-in the following day.

Push Yourself

If you’re heading to the gym, the pool or out for a run, aim to push yourself that little bit harder than you normally would. Challenging your stamina and strength will not only give you an adrenaline high, but you’ll also burn more calories and challenge your muscles in new ways which will tone you up and help you feel slimmer. Besides, the compliments you’ll receive the next day for your healthy glow will fill you with confidence regardless of your figure.

Tune Time

Want to stay at home but still feel fit and fab the following day? Whack on your favourite tunes or turn up the music channels and boogie to your heart’s content. Letting loose in your living room to your favourite hits will free inhibitions while burning the calories too. Get hot and sweaty, head for a shower then to bed to enjoy a deep exercise-induced slumber. You’ll wake feeling refreshed and hopefully lighter from burning off your evening meal.

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